Three Keys Investments-Passive Multifami



Apartment investing made easy with Julie Holly

You have a growing family and are getting older. How can you build wealth and spend more time with your family?


With Three Keys Investing you can invest in apartments without opening a second mortgage or managing a property! Your money makes money that you can use today and grows a nestegg you can access in a few years.


1: Quarterly distributions

2: Tax savings through depreciation

3: Sale of property

Three Keys Investments-Passive Multifami

“We love passively investing in multifamily because it’s a hands off, timeless, and secure strategy for building wealth.”


- Jeremiah & Becca Jourdan

Three Keys Investments-Passive Multifami

Freedom of time through investing in apartments

Feeling like you’ve missed out all along? Me too!

Even as the third generation actively involved in real estate, investing in apartments was a “secret” I discovered as I intentionally sought a truly passive income stream. 

Hey! I’m Julie Holly!

You might think you need an inheritance or a different job to reach your financial goals... As a former teacher that was true for me.

Now I help people like you invest in apartments so you can meet your financial goals without working harder.

Escape the financial fiasco and find your freedom! You can start now by listening to the podcast where I reveal insider secrets and the real stories of how to build wealth that lasts generations. 

Apartment investment opportunities are much less common than single family homes. 

Join the investor family list and schedule a call to ensure you are prepared to participate in our next offering.

We typically have only 2-3 a year with limited spaces available.

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Why Invest In Multifamily & Syndication Made Simple!

Three Keys Investments-Passive Multifami
Three Keys Investments-Passive Multifami
Three Keys Investments-Passive Multifami
Three Keys Investments-Passive Multifami

“I love investing in multifamily. You get steady mailbox money (passive cash flow) from the operation of the property.

Plus there are the tax benefits such as depreciation which can be used to offset passive gains, and there is long term appreciation. It's less volatile than investing in stocks or mutual funds.

Of all the areas of real estate to invest in multifamily works the best for me.”

- Matt Kontoff

Three Keys Investments-Passive Multifami

Unfortunately, in this swiftly changing world people are financially lost. It’s hard to know what investments options are available, where to start and who to trust.


We felt the same way so we created Three Keys Investing. A lifeline that can change your future and build generational wealth for your children while working with people that you have a trusting relationship with.


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