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Three Keys Investments-Passive Multifami


About Three Keys Investments & Julie Holly


We had a problem. How could we provide for our growing family’s future without working more hours?

Work was dominating our life and we waited eagerly to a week of vacation to live the life we really wanted to lead. With the stable formula of apartment investing partnerships we can live the life of our dreams instead of waiting until we are 60.

Three Keys Investments-Passive Multifami
Three Keys Investments-Passive Multifami
Three Keys Investments-Passive Multifami

Doing the heavy lifting so you can live the life you love

You have big dreams and special gifts that are meant to be shared with the world. When you struggle to balance your work hours and spend the time you want with your family there is no time left for anything else.

I work tirelessly to help others become the next best version of themselves. From creating thriving book clubs, promoting personal development, writing, podcasting on mindset, to launching the first elementary FIRST robotics team in my rural town and taking the team to the world championship, everything I do, every bit of growth I make is poured back into those around me to improve their lives.

I would love to help you too!

Three Keys Investments-Passive Multifami

I couldn’t do any of that without havingadditional income streams.


Imagine what you could do if you could meet your financial goals without having to work harder?

Feel Confident and Empowered

Why do women willingly relinquish control over their financial well-being to male figures instead of feeling empowered themselves?


"Among the women surveyed in the United States, 54% said their spouse takes the lead in handling the family’s finances beyond paying bills. The women did not participate in long-term financial planning, investing or health-care decisions."


Often women manage their families’ finances with a budge and “fix-it-and-forget-it mentality. They lack confidence or are uninterested in securing their families’ financial future. I can show you how simple it really is and that it won’t suck up your time!

Tough times are coming for the American dollar. Those who are the family CFO bear the responsibility to take time to educate themselves so that the family's financial health remains strong.

The ease you need to lead the life of your dreams beyond tomorrow’s tomorrow...

In early adulthood I found myself in a destructive relationship and for safety reasons left everything (including my first fixer-upper) except teaching behind.


The depth of fear, heartache and need for self-preservation forever marked my life with a level of humility, empathy and compassion for those caught in life's margins.


This experience laid the foundation for Three Keys Investments’ philosophy that purpose and profits work best in harmony. After all, people are better when their basic needs are met.

Three Keys Investments-Passive Multifami

That experience laid the foundation for Three Keys Investments’ philosophy that purpose and profits work best in harmony.


Three Keys Investments-Passive Multifami
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Julie Holly

Director of Investor Management

Founder of Three Keys Investments


Shaka Elms

Director of Asset Management

Matt K 2.jpg

Matt Kontoff

Director of Operations

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Steeve Breton



The Three Keys Investment family continually invests because they are certain in the capability, convictions and follow through of the team.


Invest in apartments today so you can live the life of your dreams tomorrow..

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