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  • Why investing in multifamily is a powerful wealth building strategy

  • How to Live Where you Want to Live While Investing Where it Makes Sense

  • How to Effectively Network

  • The Power of Authenticity

  • Finding the Strength to Overcome Obstacles

  • How to Keep Grounded While Having it All

  • The Mindset Behind Success

  • Cultivating Community

  • How to Launch a Podcast


Julie Holly

Speaker & Founder of Three Keys Investments

Julie is founder of Three Keys Investment, helps people like you find their freedom through multifamily real estate investing so that they can live the life of their dreams! She has invested in single family homes, house-hacked before it had a name, managed properties from 1k miles away and passively invested in multifamily assets. Currently, Julie is passively invested in nearly 300 doors, strategically partnered in 68 Atlanta based and a general partner in 120 units. 

Her podcast The Conscious Investor is designed to support investors at every step of their journey. From mindset and personal development to powerful insight from a variety of professionals, listeners are invited to unravel and discover the harmony in life, family and wealth. 


Julie’s experience as a public school teacher, ability to relate with people and genuine care for their financial well-being allow her to raise capital for the team’s offering. She serves clients as a high performance coach and runs the Five Week Book & Networking Club as well as an accountability group.

Her free time is filled with backcountry mountain biking with family and friends, baking delicious treats to share with others and writing grants for 9B Trails, a local non profit and leading book clubs to stimulate minds and build community.

Any reference to where to find Julie’s free resources, social media, podcast, book club and more can all be found here:


Julie's business website is ThreeKeysInvestments.com

Julie Holly - Mulitfamily Investing Podc

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